About Me

I have an immense love for photography that has been cultivating for 20+ years. I had the great privilege to first learn and explore photography on film and in a darkroom.
My career has been built on portraits: brides, families, children, headshots. I'm of the thought to build connections with my clients so much that the camera becomes secondary in the shoot; listening and guiding so that your vision comes to life through my lens.

3 Random Things About Me:

[1] I travel to Cange, Haiti every year to visit and support local artists and Haitians with big dreams. I started and run a nonprofit (501c3), Ansanm, which translates to 'Together' in Haitian Creole.

[2] I have traveled all over the country just to catch live shows, especially of my favorite band, The Black Crowes.

[3] I am a lover of the outdoors and what I call the 'small world'. I spend much time shooting macro (super upclose), crawling on my hands and knees to photograph the tiny wonders that exist, otherwise missed when not sought.

Photographing the beautiful people of Haiti.

Shooting live music.

My family: Chaco, Sean, Jaden and Skylar